Led by Hajar Azzam

August 7, 14, 21, 28 + September 4, 11, 18, 25 

Wednesdays from 7-9pm

Sooki Studio, 2971 Allesandro Street, Los Angeles 90039

To speak to someone in their native language is to speak to their heart. To speak our ancestral languages allows us to access the spirit, history and soul of our culture. Through language, we can access poetry, communicate with family members (close by and afar), engage with news and enter new depths of another culture. 

This summer, we are pleased to launch a new class series called "Tongues and Tales," aiming to provide a creative, welcoming and accessible space to learn languages. 

Starting with Arabic, this 8-week course is perfect for beginners who are looking to learn how to read the language. Using the renowned Nooranieh method, we will start from learning letters and working our way to reading full sentences, in no time. In addition, you will build up your conversational vocabulary and get to practice it with our warm community. Each class will end with a creative exercise that ties into the lesson including Arabic calligraphy, working with ceramics and more! 

Concepts Covered

1: Arabic Letters

2: Combining letters

3: Harakat (Vowel Marks) and Tanween (Nunation)

4: Short words with Harakat

5: Sukoon (Absence of the vowel)

6: Shaddah (Geminated Consonant)

7: Combining words

8: Practice

Who is the class for: 
All people are welcome! Bonus if you want understand what’s going on in a Araby family WhatsApp group chat! 

Meet your teacher: 
Hajar Azzam is an experienced Arabic and Quran teacher. She began her teaching journey In 2015 at Ahlul Quran Center in Santa Ana teaching kids the fundamentals of Arabic reading and has since transitioned to providing private one-on-one lessons. Hajar centers joy in her teaching approach and prioritizes building students confidence in their reading. During the day, she works at Walt Disney Studios, where she is committed to uplifting underrepresented voices. In her free time, she finds solace in playing with clay and caring for her 37 plants. 🌱 


Sliding Scale Pricing

Sliding scale pricing is a tool for social equity. We use sliding scale pricing to make ceramics education accessible and affordable. 

There are three tiers for pricing, when signing up for a workshop, please pay on the scale what feels right to you and your current finances. This is a trust based system, only you will know what feels comfortable and possible.

The high end of the scale is the true cost. If you are someone who can afford to pay this, please do, as this offsets the price for others, allowing us to create more affordable offerings.

There are a set amount of spaces available per tier to ensure that the scale is balanced and workshop costs are covered. If a tier is sold out it means that all those spots have been spoken for. An interest free payment plan is available for all workshops, breaking the workshop cost down to smaller payments over a longer period of time.

We do our best to ensure workshops are accessible and affordable. We are continuously improving our pricing system, please reach out if you have any questions or ideas you'd like to share.


Cancellation Policy

Workshops are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the workshop you may transfer your spot to another person, please confirm with the studio when doing so.



The workshop space is ADA accessible. A bathroom is available for workshop participants that has a set of 3 stairs leading to it that is not currently ADA accessible. For any specific needs or additional questions on accessibility, please reach out


COVID Protocol


Participants are encouraged to take at home Covid tests prior to the workshop to ensure collective safety. As we're working in a very well ventilated environment, masks are optional. If you are experiencing any Covid like symptoms or have been exposed to someone with Covid, please stay home and get in touch.